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Europa 2003
November 25 to December 21, 2003


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  Latest News from Europa Island

October 8th, 2006 :

We received WLOTA validation card by Phil - F5OGG - WLOTA Manager.

January 15th, 2005 :

The CDXC team who signed TO4WW / Europa island in november 2003 is very proud to present this winner trophy they got in DX PEDITION category in 2003 CQ WW CW contest.

That is an outstanding staff job result ! We again are keen to thanks all our sponsors and donators whithout whose such a succes could not have been possible.

Now we are looking for Glorioso 2005 schedule !

TO4WW-03_Trophee.jpg (73330 octets) TO4WW_CQWW-diplome.jpg (143378 octets)

March 19th, 2004 :

The QSL card are now printed. Many thank's for Micheline XYL of Bernard F9IE for the nice job.

QSLrectoTO4E.jpg (69882 octets)

February 7th, 2004 :

The story and photos are now available since the banner pages of the Website of Clipperton DX Club in French version and English version.

January 29th, 2004 :

----- Original Message -----
To: _____________________
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 9:47 PM
Subject: [DX-News] Operation approved for DXCC

The following operation is approved for DXCC credit:

Juan de Nova, Europa


(November 25, 2003 to December 21, 2003)

73 es DX!

Bill Moore NC1L
DXCC Manager

Do you have questions regarding DXCC program issues?
Visit the DXCC web site. Here you will find the program rules, the current and deleted DXCC lists and all of the forms needed to participate. If, after reading the information here, you still have questions regarding the DXCC Program, contact the DXCC Desk.

January 1st at 1600Z :

F5OGL Didier, TO4E / TO4WW QSL manager is overwhelmed by e-mail from Hams claiming for QSL aguing mistakes in logs.
All must know that each QSL request will be treated with attention by F5OGL, and if necessary with the cooperation of the operators. Any way, according to DX cluster statistics, some pirates worked a lot of stations on many bands...
Keep in mind that if you have at least one QSO and one QSL, it's enought !
It is quite possible that those who are so many often logged as dupe will wait their QSL more than those who have only one good contact.
Some station dreamed they made the QSO ! But they often were unable to read the DX station !
To conclude, any obvious mistake from TO4 operators will be fixed.

Didier F5OGL

December 29th at 0930Z :

Hello to all !

First I'd like to wish you an Happy New Year 2004 ! and to yours as well.

We are all safe back home since Dec 24th early morning and welcome at Orly Airport by F6KOP team who is managing 5V7C DXpedition soon, in March. I should be one of them.

TO4E/TO4WW is over ! As you know we were very very frustrated by the lack of power there, like so many OM's waiting for us on low bands. Only 34.000 QSO for abt 200 hours on air.

Even in such uncomfortable conditions, we managed to be on air as much as possible, and few hours were made barefoot on battery ... an old battery found there... and a candel light upon the FT100D ... Even Pascal F5PTM managed to work pile up with only 0 at power display... that mean abt 0,1 Watt ouput for FT100D...

Genaragors are not missing, We checked out 5 pieces : 5 KVA, 12 KVA , 35 KVA, 35 KVA and 40 KVA... all diesel engines, but the only rule was to respect the charge table for oil from Forces... As Europa is a wildlife natural reserve, few quantities of polliting products are stored there.

Few years ago, a big windgenerator farm was running with 5 towers ! But "ecologists" action stopped this aguing the fans killed birds ! An ongoing study could shift towards solar solution soon.

Any way, I would like to thanks very much all pilot station for any action made, Your help was very nice for us, and forwarding informations was necessary to keep all roaring operators more quiet ! HI.

We will soon issued informations, photos and video to ALL of our sponsors... Neaarly 5 Go of digital pictures are stored, and 3 hours of video rushes... Still some hours of job to make all ready... HI.

QSL cards will not be printed shortly, We have to make nice cards ! So we ask for your patience. Didier, our first and main organiser will gather all the team soon to decide the QSL lay out ...

A special thanks to Richard ZS6RO, his packet station helped us for messages exchange with Rafik F5CQ and Didier F5OGL. But most of the time our station was on duty for pile-ups ... HI !

To conclude, 34.000 QSO in not enought ! But it's more than QSO's made for 10 or 20 years by sporadics operators going there like Jack FR5ZU who provide us a great help... And futhermore we managed to run 160 and 80 m... and few QSO on 6 meter (MS or tropo) and on 2 m MS. We had a quite important activiy in RTTY or PSK...

For sure, we will stay ready to go again, as soon as possible. Knowing that another power solution will be in our suitcases !

In spite of "few" operators roaring, eating their microphone and unable to cope with DX operator notification, Hamspirit is still our keyword !

A BIG THANKS to you,
Regards !

Dany F5CW, one of TO4E/TO4WW team. Soon maybe 5V7C , FM/F5CW...

Eric F5JKK, Often on RTTY, and on 6 m / MS ... Avery skilled old timer ! Maybe soon FR5 or FY5 or ...

Pascal F5PTM, CW over-all ! but sometimes RTTY and SSB... His first DXpedition.

Freddy F5IRO, CW and SSB ! and few QSO RTTY ! Our turtles hunter... to make them save at sea. soon QSY in FK8...

Jean-louis F5NHJ, often RTTY and SSB, also called "CinqueNove" for his italian skills !

and let'm write about myself ! HI.

December 22th at 1300Z :

Dany F5CW called me this morning from the Reunion island. The TO4E team is arrived in St Denis yesterday evening. The flight from Europa was very nice.
They made 34.000 QSO. For the moment, they are having a rest to recover a bit.
They will come back to France Wednesday, December 24th at 0530Z at Orly Airport.

Rafik F5CQ

December 21th at 2000Z :

The TO4E team stopped his transmissions yesterday around 2000Z. The last spots show that they have been active almost the full day on 15/12/10/15m and then 20m until 2000Z.

Today we are without news but we know they have dismantled the stations, the plane having to bring them back on Reunion island.

We hope to get news from them tomorrow morning and we will keep you informed !

Their arrival in Paris (Orly airport) initially schedulled the 22, was pushed back at December 24 because of the CELA cyclone disturbances. Finally, they will be at home for Christmas.

Didier F5OGL & Rafik F5CQ
Organizers of Clipperton DX Club's Europa 2003 operation

December 19 at 1700Z :

I have contacted the TO4E team on 15m. They are active today with a groud plane antenna for the high HF bands and one station only. Tomorrow, they'll try to install the 40m antenna. If all is well, we should hear them tommorow evening on 40m.
Either Didier or me will announce the end of the operation.

Rafik F5CQ

December 19 at 1100Z :

Following the passage of the CELA cyclone whom damaged roofs and professional antennas on Europa (AF-009) the repatriation of the Europa 2003 team is pushed back of a few days.
We have obtained the permission to use TO4E during this period, so they will re-install a station.
News will come to you regularly, as usual.

Didier F5OGL & Rafik F5CQ

December 19 at 0600Z :

The CELA cyclone passed today exactly on Europa island. The winds blew with an important violence and the buildings on the island suffered. Roofs were torn off but nobody, neither the military detachment or the Europa 2003 team is wounded.

The equipement suffered a lot and the team had to stop its emissions with 24 hours of advance. It is far from probable that they return on the air because the wind still blows at 100 km/h.

The military plane must come tomorrow on Europa to pick up the operators. They must come back to Saint Denis de la Reunion on friday. Then, they will come back to France Monday, December 22th at 0545z at Orly Airport.

They achieved more than 32.000 QSO.

Didier F5OGL & Rafik F5CQ

Tropical cyclone "CELA"
Satellite photography of the Mozambique channel with the courtesy of
Météo France Reunion Island

reunion_sat-13dec06h.jpg (38339 octets)
13 décembre à 0600Z
reunion_sat-13dec12h.jpg (39030 octets)
13 décembre à 1200Z
reunion_sat-14dec06h.jpg (36425 octets)
14 décembre à 0600Z
reunion_sat-14dec-12h.jpg (37516 octets)
14 décembre à 1200Z
reunion_sat-14dec-18h_small.jpg (36231 octets)
14 décembre à 1800Z
reunion_sat-15dec-00h_small.jpg (36768 octets)
15 décembre à 0000Z
reunion_sat-15dec-06h.jpg (36780 octets)
15 décembre à 0600Z
reunion_sat-15dec-12h.jpg (37969 octets)
15 décembre à 1200Z
reunion_sat-16dec-00h.jpg (35735 octets)
16 décembre à 0000Z
reunion_sat-16dec-06h.jpg (35839 octets)
16 décembre à 0600Z
reunion_sat-16dec-12h.jpg (35369 octets)
16 décembre à 1200Z
reunion_sat-16dec-18h.jpg (35392 octets)
16 décembre à 1800Z
reunion_sat-17dec-00h.jpg (36142 octets)
17 décembre à 0000Z
reunion_sat-17dec-06h.jpg (36214 octets)
17 décembre à 0600Z
reunion_sat-17dec-12h.jpg (38881 octets)
17 décembre à 1200Z
reunion_sat-17dec-18h.jpg (38880 octets)
17 décembre à 1800Z
reunion_sat-18dec-06h.jpg (39133 octets)
18 décembre à 0600Z
reunion_sat-18dec-12h.jpg (39677 octets)
18 décembre à 1200Z
reunion_sat-18dec-18h.jpg (36539 octets)
18 décembre à 1800Z
reunion_sat-19dec-06h.jpg (38154 octets)
19 décembre à 0600Z

December 16 at 1700Z :

The TO4E team has confirmed, that, following to the tropical cyclone, and as expected, the low bands antennas have been take down. These antennas will not be re-installed again after the depression. There will be no more activity on 160/80m. They keep one for the 40m. The end of the operation is still scheduled for Thursday, december 18th.

December 14 at 1300Z :

The Europa 2003 operation who was planning to shutdown on December 15th, will finally be on air until December 18th. They'll try to work with their 4 stations simultaneously when they can. On the other hand, they will continue to work using batteries. Low bands and modes needed by certain part of the world are still favoured to allow everybody to work them.

A glitch is coming and it is a little bit worrying. A tropical depression is at the present time into the Mozambic canal and is going South. It must affect Europa Island tuesday or Wednesday. By the way, their main concern will be to protect the equipement, and especially antennas.

They will be probably silencer for a while for their own security.

Best 73's

Translation was made by Flo, F5CWU

Didier F5OGL
Leader and manager of Clipperton DX Club's Europa 2003 operation

December 11 at 0800Z :

I had with difficulty this morning a professional contact with Dany.
All goes well for them though they start to feel a little tired related to the duration of the operation but their moral is always good.

Here is a first details about the operation (until December 10th)

- For TO4E :

10m  : 3.264 QSO
12m  : 2.239 QSO
15m  : 6.584 QSO
17m  : 3.203 QSO
20m  : 2.847 QSO
30m  : 1.825 QSO
40m  : 1.412 QSO
80m  : 351 QSO
160m : 126 QSO

CW : 11200
SSB : 8500
RTTY: 2500

That's is finally 21.850 QSO with TO4E callsign.

- With TO4WW, they made 4.108 QSO but there are severals dupes.

Dany asks to do not try to "double" each qso on all bandes/modes. It doesn't change anythink but penalizes the weakest stations.

The team hasn't yet decided how they will dismantle the stations there. They will try to keep at least one station on they air until the end of the operation.

Rafik F5CQ, co-organizer Europa 2003

December 7 at 1400Z :

Following to the unfounded comments about our pilots stations, on the clusters on the guest book, I want to issue a statement. It seam that the December 6th issue was not as clear as wished.

1) That's the french authorities who are imposing the operation table of the generators. The team must respect the orders, that's all !

2) Contrary to the persistent rumor, there is not any problem with the gas dedicated to the group on the island. It was only a misunderstanding !

3) It's wrong to say that TO4E is favoring a continent or an other. The try to use the time slot by working on the air with all 4 stations available. If some continent are barrages to others, the crew cannot be accused to take advantage of this and favour Europe. On the contrary, with 4 stations on different bands, the team increase the possibilities for all hams to work them using severals paths.

4) initially, we thought to setup an operation entirely autonomous but we would not have ever been able to obtain the
authorization. This island is protected and classify as natural reserve. This is the reason for who, we have thought, Didier F5OGL and me F5CQ, that an expedition composed of hamradio, personnels of the french army and within the context of leisures that gives us our profession, we could have a chance to grant the permit to transmit from Europa. This is this that we have performed. It has musted 3 years of hard work to obtain authorizations and we have turned out! The counterpart is that we must accept rules who are laid down us.

Rafik F5CQ, co-organizer Europa 2003

December 5 at 1100Z :

Since their arrival on the island, the team has completed 15.300 QSO's with TO4E call : 5.800 in SSB, 7.700 in CW, 1.800 in RTTY, 6 on 50 MHz (with ZS), plus 4.000 contacts during the CQ WW CW contest, as TO4WW. F5JKK, Eric, hopes the 6 meters band will soon open towards Europe, Asia and USA.
Just now, they only have electric power 5.15 hours each day and are only QRV from 06.00 to 07.00 and 15.30 to 19.45 utc.
They hope to have more energy available in the coming days.

Rafik F5CQ, co-organizer Europa 2003

December 5 at 0030Z :

The Europa T04E team is still active despite of the rumor who tells they are QRT. It was only a rumor !!

When we are analysing the comments received about their activity, I told them during a professional phone call this morning, to change of strategy and favour certains parts of the world who hasn't been contacted too much. An effort will be done for the west coast stations of the USA on all the bands. I also recommend to work more on SSB. They will also pay attention to the Scandinavian stations without forget all the others...

After a long use on CW, their stongest station will be use on SSB.

This morning, the 6m was suddently open around 0600z and Eric F5JKK didin't miss this oportunity.

About their schedule: We want to remind everybody that this operation is realised with the help of the French Army and they must respect the orders.

Many comments are sent everyday about the generators on the island. You must know that, these generators are under the control of the Military. First, we thought to bring one spare, but finnaly it was not possible.

The activity will run until December 16th with some others changes of strategy is needed, depending of the received comments from the pilots stations. Tnx for their great help.

The on-line logs are still unvailable due to the failure of the facilities over there. Any news of the disk sent with the first 7000 QSO. It hasn't been yet received by our french Pilot. We expect a mail with the log files everyday but... nothing is coming.

The team has announced the new schedule :
0600Z to 0700Z and 1515Z to 1945Z --- We are trying to increase the lenght or split these periods.

We want to remain you, that the team is composed only by 5 opearators. They are using each opportunity to setup as many station as possible during the operation time (4 stations max). They are really doing their best to satisfact all of you.

Tnx for your understanding, and have fun with TO4E.

73's QRO

Didier F5OGL
Leader and manager of Clipperton DX Club's Europa 2003 operation

December 1st :

Didier F5OGL and Rafik F5CQ has been in touch with Dany and his team this morning. All is fine even if they are a bit tired after their contest operation.

They realised a bit more than 13000 QSO, 4000 of them during the CQWW (5 millions of points).

Dany F5CW, Eric F5JKK & Pascal F5PTM has been the operators of TO4WW. Jean-Louis F5NHJ & Freddy F5IRO has been active as TO4E during the same period. They are all doing a fantastic job even with hard conditions on the island and we can thank them for that.

Some stations droped me a mail because they hearded TO4E out of the WARC bands and sometime on CW (infos from Pilots stations and clusters). T04E was allowed to be used at any moment on any bands (even diring the CQWW) so, it's absolutly possible that TO4E give a multiplier to T04WW.

Dany hopes the intensity of pile-up will decrease a bit but doesn't believe it too much.

The 80m is wide open to all continents at the same time. The team is looking to modifiy the operation schedule.

The atmosphere and health is good.
The moral of the guys is high.

To follow ...

Rafik F5CQ, Co-organizer Europa 2003

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